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"I was born in 1969 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. That’s only relevant because of my strange last name that must make you wonder “where is he from?” Well, I’m older now and I’m still not quite sure! I mean I was raised in El Paso, Texas, on the border between the USA and Mexico. The sounds of heavy metal music and romantic bolero ballads making a discordant symphony through rolled down car windows, whilst in my Dads Cadillac, Fairuz intoned in a foreign language. Interesting and confusing indeed...

So of my childhood, what can be said? I wanted desperately to fit in and be “normal.” I wanted a dog, I wanted to be a Boy Scout, I wanted to go to the dance or be allowed to talk on the telephone, and when I wasn’t allowed I wanted to know why. Certainly it wasn’t because of religion, as there was none being practiced (at least that I was aware of) and certainly raising children “counter-culture,” or to be misanthropic social misfits wasn’t the goal... Who really knows... Vague theories about CONTROL for controls sake and domination in ones on “castle” abound, but who knows?

Suffice it to say, I rebelled. I snuck out at night and went on dates. I discovered rock’n roll and bands like The Clash spoke to the rebellious teenager me after the sounds of childhood Beatles began to sound like so much Muzak. I questioned, I challenged, I didn’t just blindly obey. I dreamed the dream of the artist, a world first introduced to me by my wonderful Mother who is/was/will always be a wonderful person, painter, mother, and soul. Who because of, I no longer fear. death as I will maybe have the chance to see her again. She is that tremendous of a spirit that one could almost long for that, that “knowing” of whether or not she still exists in some form or fashion... or is this memory all that is left? These 3 boys and one daughter? It begs the question, “And what will I leave behind?”, for I have no children... Ah... These songs.

I watched life from the sidelines. if is a game that people are playing, I never quite participated. I wasn’t allowed on the field, or when I tried I just seemed to get lost! That’s what artists do. While other people are busy living life, we are busy writing, singing or painting it. At least I think so.

I started writing songs late in life at 29 years of age. Before then, I was in a band and had performed across stages and barroom dance floors. From the moment I opened my mouth and sang, I was alone. I’ve never played music with anyone since then.

So my records! I LOVE my records! Spontaneous, joyous, filled with imperfections and mistakes. Played once and never played again. Perfect little moments captured instantly with sound as the canvas. One microphone, me, and a room with a 16 track recorder. These are my records. This is what I leave behind. Thank you for listening and allowing me to be a part of your journey. Now let’s go somewhere fun, shall we?!" / Faris Nourallah-2019