I Love Faris


I Love Faris is the first full-length solo album from Faris Nourallah. The album is due for release 2003 on Western Vinyl.


Mojo (Publisher) (4/03, p.103) – 4 stars out of 5 – “…This is warm, touching and, once heard, near impossible to live without…”

Magnet (6-7, pp.100-3) – “…Vacillates between melancholy piano ballads and sweeping, harmony-laden pop, frequently cross-pollinating. The end results are compelling…”

1. Brogadiccio

2. Someone Who Doesn't Love You

3. Let’s Get Married

4. A Famous Life

5. The Road

6. Denial

7. Desire

8. Diamonds For Baby

9. The Man In The Moon

10. Christian Flyer

11. Madrigal

12. Once In A Lifetime


14. I Like To Go To Parties