Problematico is the second full-length solo album from Faris Nourallah The album is due for release 2003 on Western Vinyl


Mojo (Publisher) (12/03, p.113) – 4 stars out of 5 – “Faris Nourallah’s knack of turning out classically-styled pop gems is undiminished with PROBLEMATICO.”

Babysue 2003 (Rating: 6/6) "Farris Nourallah is a one man band...writing, playing, and recording Problematico almost entirely by himself (the only exception being backing vocals on track nine provided by Amy Kneppenberg). Nourallah plays a melodic yet subdued brand of low fidelity pop that sounds not unlike The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society album. What first stands out about Problematico is that Nourallah uses traditional instruments almost exclusively...which gives the album a wonderful warmth and genuine sound that is in stark contrast to many modern computer driven solo projects. His vocals are particularly appealing...very restrained, never forced...with overdubbed harmonies that are virtually perfect. These tunes feature absolutely absorbing and beautiful melodies that slowly sink into the listener's subconscious and take up permanent residence. The lyrics are personal and introspective...offering a glimpse into how this man's mind works. This is an excellent fifteen tune collection...featuring extraordinarily meaty nuggets like "You've Got It Made," "Problematico," "Moscow In The Morning," "I Know Your Name," and "Adieu." Easily one of the best pop releases of 2003. Instantly memorable.

1. You’ve Got It Made

2. Will We Ever Know Why?

3. Coming Out

4. Problematico

5. Moscow In The Morning

6. Start A Revolution

7. Sometimes I Dream I'm A Country

8. Everything You Said

9. I Know Your Name

10. A Day To Remember

11. Impossible To Know

12. Sick On The Escalator

13. More To Life

14. Fantastic!

15. Adieu